NAECAD PDP Courses: Whys and Hows of Marketing Your Esports Program

December 9, 2022

With two degrees in marketing from prestigious institutions, Adam Antor is the current Director of Esports at Florida Southern College. Based on his extensive experience, Antor now provides an insight into the basics and the Whys and Hows of marketing an esports program.

Section 1: The Basics

Antor describes marketing as creating and communicating the value that you have to your stakeholders. Those stakeholders can be recruits, parents, alumni, administrators, and anyone your program comes in contact with.

When we look at marketing in the scholastic space, we first consider social media. Some examples might be post-game graphics, recruit signings and stories of students. Antor believes there's a unique opportunity here to communicate with stakeholders and create a fan base for any program. He also mentions jerseys as a vital marketing piece.

Lastly, Antor explains that the final piece is on-campus messages. On-campus marketing can help create or show your program's value to your administrators or your campus community at large.

Section 2: But Why

The why can be summed up in three topics. This all depends on which campus you're at, your university's goals, and the program's goals in the eyes of your administrators. Most of them can be summed up in recruits, funding, and or campus buy-ins which can lead to more funding. 

Antor talks about the blockers for programs without facilities. He explains that some of those main blockers can be solved through marketing. Additionally, Antor adds that pitching clear and compelling plans to administrators is essential to facilitate investments in the program.

Marketing is also a tool used to answer questions from different shareholders, and Alumni are also a massive opportunity.

Section 3: How?

First, Antor puts an emphasis on broadcasting. Broadcasting is a unique and amazing opportunity to showcase student talent, competitive accomplishments, and advertiser opportunities.

Secondly, post-game graphics are an excellent opportunity for you as a program to spark engagement with your program regularly. 

Thirdly, one of the most important tools right now is Discord. Finding important Discord servers is crucial for any program. He also mentions recruiting websites, having a presence and an up-to-date profile can be an extremely valuable tool for you as a program in recruiting new students.

With the final piece being videos, Antor concludes on the hows of marketing for any esports program. 

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