Uni Esports Group And NAECAD Announce Official Partnership

August 19, 2020

To focus on growing the world of collegiate esports, Uni Esports and the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors (NAECAD) have announced an official partnership. The partnership represents the beginning of a new period of collaboration between two category-leaders in the fast-growing world of collegiate esports.

NAECAD was formed to meet an ever-growing need to train the next generation of collegiate esports leaders. As new collegiate programs appear every month, the need for an organization that provides comprehensive training to coaches and directors has grown. To serve this need, NAECAD offers educational resources and training to coaches and directors at institutions across the country.

Uni Esports is a values-grounded consultancy of higher ed executives and first-generation esports program developers who work with colleges and universities across the country to create innovative esports programs built for the future of education. In addition to planning, launching, and assessing programs, Uni provides original scholarship and research on the state of collegiate esports.

The strategic partnership between Uni Esports and NAECAD will focus on improving the infrastructure of collegiate esports. Uni Esports will work with NAECAD members to share proprietary frameworks for program development. while expanding the NAECAD membership to the dozens of individual institutions and athletic conferences represented by Uni Esports.

Together, Uni Esports and NAECAD will focus on developing the collegiate scene on strong, sustainable footing - providing expertise ranging from program planning and execution to director hiring, placement, and training.

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