October Player Of The Month Award 2020

November 16, 2020

Carson Fitzgerald of Baker University, Baldwin City, KS, has been named the college NAECAD Player of the Month for October 2020. Jonathan Trameri of Edgewood High School, Madison, WI, has been named the high school NAECAD Player of the Month for October 2020 the NAECAD national office announced Monday.

Baker University senior Carson Fitzgerald, aka Fitz, has competed in both NACE Rocket League and Valorant tournaments. Fitz is the team captain for Rocket League for the second year in a row. Toby Ebel, Head Coach of Esports at Baker University and NAECAD member details Carson’s accomplishments in October in both games: Rocket League: Helping the team go 2-2 against stiff competition, Fitz has accumulated 18 goals on 47 shots, for a whopping 38% efficiency on his shots on goal. He also had 8 assists and 19 saves over those 3 matches (18 games). This included a 3-2 win over Heart of America Conference rival Central Methodist where Fitz kept the ball alive with no time on the clock for his teammate to score the winning goal before the ball hit the field. Valorant: Fitz has lead the team with a 2.15 KDA in October and a combat rating of 283, including a match against the Dawson Buccaneers where he went 25-6. The team is in a three-way tie in their group and stats can be seen on the challengermode.com site or here, then select the Carson Fitz tab: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QxVzgqmjdW63MUloZP4NsCWaFw6Pzb2ufmf1MaXGG4U/edit #gid=2049613595. One particular highlight from this month is a clean double elimination with just one shot for Fitz! All streams are available for viewing at twitch.tv/bakeruniversityesports.

Jonathan Trameri has been a captain for the Edgewood High School team since he was a sophomore, and has improved his skills and leadership ability over the last two years. As a senior, he has led the team to be the most competitive it has ever been. The team has been undefeated this season, not losing a single map. Jonathan has gone out of his way to schedule scrimmages against colleges/clubs, and has even enrolled the team into a Prospect Esports Showdown league.

This coveted award recognizes individuals for a balance of athletic achievement, sportsmanship and citizenship. While elite performance in the game is important, this award is aimed at recognizing the overall impact the individual has made. Example characteristics include:

Each month, players are nominated by NAECAD members and selected by members of the NAECAD Achievement Recognition Advisory Subcommittee. One Player of the Month will be recognized each month (September – April).

The Player of the Month recipients are eligible for nomination of the Player of the Year award. The individual receiving the Player of the Year award will be recognized in person at the NAECAD National Convention each year. The individuals receiving the Player of the Month award will be recognized at the NAECAD National Convention each year. Student athletes nominated for the Player of the Month award will be eligible for nomination of All-American status. Student athletes receiving the top ten most votes will be recognized at both the high school and the university levels for All-American status.

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