NAECAD PDP Courses: The Secret to Maximizing Potential

December 21, 2022

Cole Prescott is the Director of Esports at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. His esports program has created opportunities for students to get involved in many different ways. This includes production, management, casting, and anything within the esports industry.

Based on his experience, Cole is thrilled to share the secrets to maximizing potential as an esports program. 

Section 1: Core Values & Why Are They Important

Cole starts by describing core values as our highest priorities and our most deeply held beliefs about two things. These are “Who I am” and “How I will live.” Our beliefs about those two things can drive and guide the decisions and behavior of individuals and teams. 

Core values are also important because they provide understanding, accountability, and consistency of who we are, how we operate, and how we handle difficulty and diversity. When considering team culture and environment, a clear understanding of core values can serve as a grounding point for leaders to rally around. 

 Section 2: What is Your Current Reality

Understanding your current reality and the factors surrounding your esports program is essential. Regarding this, Cole discusses the idea of explicit versus implicit core values. After explaining the difference between both, he further explains using their core values at Northwestern as an example of ideal core values. These core values help them stand out in any gaming and esports environment. 

To better understand your current reality, consider the potential impact of that clear core value structure on an esports team and program. 

Section 3: The Impact of a Clear Set of Core Values

Esports programs can ask self-reflective questions and learn about the core values of others to get a clear set of core values. In doing this, Cole emphasizes the importance of analyzing, developing, and assessing the values to ensure yours is unique to your program. 

After dropping some tips on finding good core values for esports programs, he adds that developing core values take time. It is a consistent journey, and one must be patient. 

Lastly, the vital thing to remember is that core values are the secret to maximizing your potential. Cole rounds up by saying that this is because they drive and determine everything we do. This includes all decisions, all behaviors, and how we operate. 

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