Esports Coaches And Directors Hiring Standards Survey Results

October 23, 2020

First and foremost, thank you to those who participated in the Esports Coaches and Directors Hiring Standards survey. This survey was conducted with the intention to better understand the expectations and compensation within each role of competitive esports at the high school and collegiate levels. The hope is that this data will help inform the discussion of developing a uniform staffing structure and philosophy that will ensure program success and ultimately impact the student experience.

When analyzing the survey data, it appears there are higher expectations both in compensation and qualifications than many popular traditional sports. In summary, the average expected compensation for esports leaders at the high school level is as follows: $10,000 for an assistant coach, $18,000 for a head coach and $20,000 for a director. The average expected compensation for esports leaders at the collegiate level are as follows: $23,000 for an assistant coach, $34,000 for a head coach and $47,000 for a director. The academic qualifications for an esports leader vary but obtaining a degree to that of which the student/athletes are pursuing seems to be a consistent preference. It is also preferred that an individual has an adequate level of game experience.

Here are the rest of the survey results:

High School Results

Collegiate Results

These results are valuable and will help guide discussions when creating systems that positively impact schools, those leading the programs and the players involved. With esports in education being so new, it may be difficult for schools to provide sufficient funding and candidates to have adequate qualifications as suggested by the survey results.

With a collaborative effort, the NAECAD feels these issues can be addressed and solutions can be found for people to feel valued and the student experience magnified. Our goal as esports leaders is advancing the sport so that more positive experiences can occur. Esports in education growth will eventually rival traditional sports, but in the meantime, running camps at your school and marketing your program to those in the community for additional compensation can be alternative options. Without question, the leaders play a significant role in determining their program’s success and so there must be a continued desire to become better. With this in mind, tracking your growth by participating in the NAECAD certification program where a library of topics and presenters exists, is a great opportunity.

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