Why Join the NAECAD?

The mission of the NAECAD is to serve, legitimize, and advance competitive esports at all levels with NAECAD members at the epicenter of leadership, advocacy, and professional development. As a NAECAD member, your perspective and voice alone brings tremendous value to the collective whole, and together we can use our voices to help shape the future of competitive esports. Navigate below to see the learn about the numerous benefits that are exclusive to NAECAD members.

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  • Participate in the NAECAD Professional Development Platform (NAECAD-PDP) at membership prices and be recognized and rewarded for your level of competency attainment
  • Access to monthly newsletter and blog posts on relevant topics presented by professionals in the field
  • Attend the annual NAECAD National Convention as well as other NAECAD regional events at membership rates
  • Professional consultations from the NAECAD staff and fellow NAECAD members
  • Protect yourself during your coaching and directing duties with a $1 million liability insurance policy
  • Receive monthly association updates and relevant information in the NAECAD newsletter
  • Post and search coaching jobs on the NAECAD Job Board
  • Gain recognition through nominating your players for major awards including All-America, All-Region and National Players of the Year
  • Network with other members at the annual NAECAD National Convention or with local esports coaches and directors at NAECAD Regional Clinics
  • Exchange ideas with the coaches from around the globe on NAECAD’s Discord Server and Twitter
  • Engage in stimulating conversations, ignite new thoughts and renew your enthusiasm for competitive esports by taking part in other
  • NAECAD forums and networking opportunities




NAECAD Membership Benefits

The National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors offers a myriad of benefits to members, including attending the annual NAECAD National Convention each year, a $1 million Personal Liability Insurance policy, free subscriptions to newsletters and publications, nominating your players for Player of the Month, National Player of the Year and All-American awards, discounted prices for the NAECAD Professional Development Platform (NAECAD-PDP), qualifying for National Coach and Director of the Year (awards for high school and college level), voting on legislative actions, and the NAECAD Resource Program (NAECAD-RP) - a discount program provided by association partners.

NAECAD Professional Development Platform

The NAECAD Professional Development Platform (NAECAD-PDP) provides quality and accessible professional development for competitive esports coaches and directors. The NAECAD-PDP creates a context of professional development to assist organizations hiring at the high school, college, and professional level. NAECAD-PDP courses are delivered on a state-of-the-art mobile platform allowing coaches and directors to learn any place and at any time.

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NAECAD Resource Program

The NAECAD Resource Program (NAECAD-RP) is a simple way to connect with NAECAD approved partners to start, equip, and promote your school esports program.

The NAECAD-RP includes discounts on things such as gaming equipment, arena furniture, uniforms & apparel, championship rings, esports event registrations, and more!

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Personal Liability Insurance

As a part of your membership dues, the NAECAD provides U.S. members with $1 million worth of General Liability insurance that includes bodily injury and property damage - a $400 value. The insurance is activated once an individual has registered to become a member of the NAECAD. No further steps are required. The policy will expire on June 30th of each year and will become effective again once an individual renews their NAECAD membership, no earlier than July 1.

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The NAECAD National Convention and Regional Clinics provide sessions for beginning, as well as veteran, esports coaches and directors. The sessions cover various aspects of how to start, grow, and successfully maintain a competitive esports program at all levels of play. These multi-day events are incredibly well received by NAECAD members as they come together to learn and grow professionally.

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The NAECAD awards for esports coaches and directors include high school and college Coach of the Year and Director of the Year. NAECAD members are also able to participate in nominating players for high school and college Player of the Year, All-American and Player of the Month awards. The NAECAD Hall of Fame honorees will also be inducted at the annual NAECAD National Convention.

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