NAECAD Resource Program

Esports Program Development

A Simple Way to Connect with NAECAD Approved Partners to Start, Equip, and Promote Your School Esports Program

The NAECAD Resource Program (NAECAD-RP) is a simple way to provide NAECAD members the best products, service, and prices on the market to help you start, equip, and promote the esports program at your school. Whether you are in the exploring what an esports program might look like on your campus, already in the beginning stages, or have been in existence for a few years, the NAECAD Resource Program provides you a level of confidence that you will receive the best guidance on how to create a quality and successful esports program at a price that fits any budget.

NAECAD has worked with each of these NAECAD Approved Partners, used their products, and know their representatives personally. NAECAD has organized the products in a simple, straight-forward manner to save you time and money as you create an esports program on your campus. We encourage NAECAD members to reach out to these partners to learn not only about their products, but to benefit from the years of experience they have in the competitive esports industry.

New Gaming PC and Display:
Omen by HP

NAECAD Partner - Omen by HP

Refurbished Gaming PC:
STS Education

Not every school or college can afford high end gaming PCs and accessories, but that doesn’t mean students must sacrifice performance due to budget constraints. STS Education is the provider for refurbished gaming PCs to NAECAD. Bundles include a refurnished desktop PC with a new NVIDIA graphics card and all new displays and accessories, designed to meet or exceed all major academic esports titles. Additional new configurations from HP Omen and Z workstations as well as Lenovo Legion are offered, as well as turnkey leasing.

NAECAD Partner - STS Education

Mouse, Keyboard, Headset:
Gravity Gaming
by ByteSpeed

Gravity Gaming by Bytespeed was founded on the principles of long-term partnership and support. We pride ourselves on not just being a hardware provider for esports, but a company who is truly invested in the future of your program, and the future of esports as a whole. Our dedicated team has the first-hand experience to make sure that you get the resources you need to be successful. Let us know how we can help your program! Email: Phone: 877-553-0777

NAECAD Partner - Gravity Gaming by ByteSpeed

Desks and Furniture:
Spectrum, Inc.

NAECAD Partner - Spectrum Industries Inc

Health & Wellness Software:
Healthy Player One

While there are so many positive aspects about academic esports, two areas school officials must proactively address are bullying and injuries. With the toxic nature of online gaming, the Anti-Defamation League reports that 65% of gamers have been “severely harassed.” A peer-reviewed medical study found that more than half of college esports have reported some medical issue from prolonged play. Healthy Player ONE software allows gamers to capture bullying on video and audio passively, deterring toxic behavior. To reduce injuries, the software enforces breaks, sets daily limits, and surveys players to maintain a log of potential medical issues.

NAECAD Partner - Healthy Player One

NGame Esports

NGame Esports is an esports consulting firm. We help organizations bring value to their customers through content creation and analytics. We can help collegiate esports programs building content around marketing, recruiting, sponsorships, and much more. We can also support collegiate programs with analytics to measure viewership and engagement on multiple streaming channels. This can be leveraged to attain sponsorships and provide a return on sponsorship investment. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


Assessment Service:
Uni Esports

NAECAD Partner - Uni Esports
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